Q: Why "site of life"?

A: Well, that should be obvious.


Q: Why is your website in english?

A: I thought that's the way you do in the 21st century and of course it makes the site accessible to a bigger audience. Il y a cent ans, Français aurait pu être plus cool.


Q: Why do you use water marks?

A: All the pictures on the page are taken by myself (otherwise it's mentioned) and I really like to share them. And actually it's the same answer as above: I felt like it's the way you do now, so I started doing it like that. Wow.


Q: Why are those shitty hashtags below your pics?

A: Because the content is embedded from Instagram.


Q: Why the hell did you acquire a domain?

A: 'Cause I thought it might be funny or interesting. Or something in between.